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Langston IM-6 Foldable headphone

Product Info

LANGSTON iM-6 audio stereo dynamic foldable headphones. Offering great sound quality through padded headphones for total comfort. The adjustable foldable headband sits neatly on your head giving you maximum comfort and flexibility. The sensitivity of the sound is great, offering great bass and treble to your ears. Committed to giving music enthusiasts the best in sonic performance. Our advanced proprietary titanium coated driver technology provides ultra precise highs and mids, plus deep distortion free bass, so you hear every detail the way the artist intended you to hear it.


High Definition sound and clarity
Comfortable, stylish and light
Padded headphones for comfort and reduction of noise
Foldable headphones for flexibility and comfort
Ideal for sports activities
Portable, take them anywhere you like


Frequency response 20hz-20KHz
Impedance 320ohms
Driver size 40mm
Magnet type NdFeB
Sensitivity 105db
Cable Length 47.5"
Audio jack 3.5mm Silver plated

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