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Product Info

Remember that time when you forgot where you last placed that tiny flash drive? Or when you just needed to know what time it is but had to go through your pocket, take out your cellphone, turn on its screen, just to see what time it is? Or when you didn't know what awesome accessory would go well with your clothes?

Never fear! We here at Fish called Geoff introduce to you this comfortable and fashionable USB-LED Watch! Awesome!

Guaranteed durable with its rechargeable lithium-polymer battery, special surface finishing, seismic, waterproof and anti-static watch design.

It has an LED display capable of showing the time, date, battery life or current storage capacity at a touch of a button.

Its 4GB or 8GB capacity allows you to store thousands of files including MP3s, e-documents, pictures, a movie or two, etc. It's affordable too! Great for gifting yourself or your loved ones!

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